n The Byron’s Lighthouse Flight

This is the flight for those who just want to find out what flying is about and also to see Byron Bay and surrounds. It’s a lovely scenic coastal flight to Cape Byron along Main Beach and Tallow Beach and around the lighthouse on the way back. Enjoy the view of of Byron Bay and surrounds whilst looking out for whales and dolphins along the way.
This is the short flight that allows you to find out what flying open cockpit aircraft is about - sense of freedom.
Duration: 30 minutes. Price:  $180
If you travel in a group or you team up with at least two more friends and book the Lighthouse Flight for three or more we will charge each flight at the special $160 price.

n Whale Watching Flight

Whale watching flights are 30 to 40 minutes long. They are available between June and November during the Humpback whale migration from their summer feeding grounds in Antarctica towards their north winter breeding grounds in the tropical waters of the Southern Hemisphere.
From above you can clearly see individual whales in small groups, quite often with their calves, and observe their behaviour over a long distance. We make sure not to disturb them in any way and at the same time giving you the unforgettable experience seeing them from different perspective.
Duration: 30-40 minutes. Price:  $180

n Byron’s Beaches and Headlands Flight

This is the best way to see Byron Bay and surroundings from the air and it is the perfect introduction to the aviation sport of flying a microlight!
From Tyagarah airfield, first we will fly over Bangalow than we will turn to the coastline and Seven Mile Beach. Then we fly over the water along Broken Head National Reserve, Tallow Beach, Cape Byron, the famous lighthouse and Main Beach before landing back at Tyagarah.
Duration: 45 minutes. Price:  $245

n Mount Warning Flight

This flight will take you all the way to Mount Warning and the biggest erosion caldera in the southern hemisphere and one of the largest calderas in the world. We will climb to over 5000 feet to have an elevated view of the rim of the caldera. From that altitude views of the Great Dividing Range and the Gold Coast are spectacular.
On the way back we will fly over the valleys to Brunswick Heads and then low along the beach and back to the Tyagarah airstrip.
This is a stunning flight over the hinterland and we recommend this trip for anyone wanting to experience microlight flying.
Duration: 1 hour. Price:  $305

n Beaches and Hinterland Flight

After take off we will head south over Main Beach to the Byron Bay lighthouse. From there we will fly further south along the coastline over Tallow Beach, Broken Head and Seven Mile Beach. Around Lennox Head you will see famous surfing beaches and Ballina in the distance.
From there we will fly over the narrow strip of land between the coastline and the amazing Richmond River.
We will land at Evans Head on the heritage listed military airstrip for a brief break in our journey. After the break we will fly back to Tyagarah overflying numerous green hills and valleys on the way to Alstonville and Bangalow.
The trip is a great opportunity for keen photographers to capture diverse landscapes of coastline, river, valleys and distant views of the Great Dividing Range.
Duration: 2 hours. Price:  $550

Pilot Training

Byron Bay Microlights is a recently established microlight flying school that provides full microlight pilot training courses leading to the Microlight Pilot's Licence for recreational purpose.
We won't just sign you up for a training course. Instead, we recommend that you have a trial flight with us first, to see whether the experience matches up to your expectations.
If you're still keen after that, we'll sit down with you for a good long chat through all the details, including costs and what we'll expect of each other. For more details refer to our website.

TYAGARAH — We are located 6 km north of Byron Bay on the Pacific Highway.  It takes only 10 minutes by car to get to the airstrip. Take Ewingsdale Road towards the Gold Coast and turn off at Tyagarah Airfield exit and than left into the bitumen road. Follow signs, pass Skydive Centre and drive further about 40 metres. We will meet you between hangars on the right.

BALLINA Follow signs to the General Aviation site at Ballina Airport. Call 0407 281 687 in advance for escorting you from the security gate to our hangar.


The Trial Introductory Flight might be your first open air experience but it is also your first lesson in a microlight aircraft. It is your chance to experience for yourself the truly amazing sensation of open-cockpit flight in a small aircraft.
It is possible to have a simultaneous flight (two up in air in two separate aircrafts with radio connection) on the Byron’s Lighthouse or Whale Watching  flights. Call Richard on 0407 281 687 for details. Early bookings and Gift Vouchers available from our website.


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