XT912-SST (strut braced)

Finally, a strutted microlight with a cruising speed of 65 knots and a range of 700 kms

SST stands for strutted or strut braced wing. With superior aerodynamics over conventional microlights with top rigging it also allows the aircraft to be stored in a much lower hanger. In fact, if the wing was lowered into the low hangar position it would need even less height than a small fixed wing aircraft.

The struts give the SST a more solid look and feel in the air. Our intention was to design a wing that handles extremely well in varying weather conditions and that has a 70 knot cruise speed. This has been achieved the SST frame and sail feature the latest development in flexwing airframe and sail cloth technology. The images in the press gallery show how well the sail has been designed to sit on the frame in flight.

We have improved leading edge definition with increased use of mylar to the undersurface. The leading edge round is cut into the sail to allow controlled washout at the tips. The airframe is state of the art with multi sleeved 6061 aluminium and CNC engineered fittings.

Trimmer control gives the pilot power assisted pitch through the control bar handle turn the handle for slower or faster trim speeds.

The XT912-SST Tundra combines a highly developed touring wing with a proven engine and base design. The Tundra version opens up a huge range of landing options.

With a range of approximately 700 kilometers and the incredible reliabilty of the Rotax 912 engine adventures are bound to be yours in the Airborne XT912-SST.


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Rotax 4 stroke 912

CNC machined fittings

Tundra wheel

Optional BRS chute

The fuel tank holds 72 litres giving the pilot enough airtime for extensive cross country or circuit work. The tank is especially designed for the XT and helps to give the aircraft it's aerodynamic lines. The CNC milled mast capture has allowed an efficient means of attaching the engine mounts, the shock absorbers and the seat frame. The mast is held in place by this part which has been milled out of solid 6061 grade aluminium. This method of manufacturing allows for very strong and light weight components to be used.


The SKYDAT GX2 is an avionics instrument of the newest generation.
It combines an entire range of flight and engine management instrumentation. The ASI operates with an automatic changeover of scales (low and high). A visual common and individual alarm is provided to attract the attention of the pilot if an important engine parameter is exceeded. Click here for the SKYDAT manual 127Kb
For more info on Skydat GX2 visit: http://users.iafrica.com/a/am/amptro/

Standard features

* Rotax 912 UL engine
* Carby Heating
* Electric Start
* Ceramic coated Exhaust
* Bolly 3 Blade Propeller
* Skydat GX2 digital instrumentation
* Cockpit, Wheel Pants, Centre Console and Soft Sides
* Steering Dampner
* Dual Steering
* Fully upholstered custom seating
* 72 Litre Fuel Tank (19 gallon)
* Tested to 6G positive and 3 G negative
* Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved

Note: Check the comparison chart and the accessories list to see what other options are available for the XT.